The General Counsel to the Republic of Poland (Prokuratoria Generalna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej or PGRP) is a highly specialized legal institution, whose aim is to ensure security and effective protection of the rights and interests of the Republic of Poland, including the State Treasury and the state property which does not belong to the State Treasury, in particular in proceedings before courts, tribunals and other jurisdictional authorities. The PGRP meets this aim primarily by legal representation of the State Treasury and other state legal persons before the Supreme Court, common and arbitration courts, and in the cases provided for by the PGRP Act also of the subjects representing the State Treasury, state organizational units without legal personality and government administration authorities. The PGRP issues opinions on draft agreements, draft settlement agreements and unilateral legal transactions at the request of subjects representing the State Treasury and on draft normative acts related to the rights or interests of the Republic of Poland. The PGRP has also a significant influence on the shaping of uniform case-law of common and administrative courts and may file with the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court a motion to pass a resolution on the matters raising doubts as regards the interpretation of the law.